Reiki Master

Through Reiki Healing the body and emotions are healed, thus creating balance and promoting good health, good luck and overall happiness.

Reiki is a Japanese technique that promotes healing. Reiki consists of two words “Rei” meaning universal (i.e. present everywhere) and “Ki” means Prana or life energy. Deeper meaning of “Rei” is spiritual consciousness. This spiritual consciousness or higher knowledge comes from God and knows the cause of problems and the way to heal them.

“Ki” is also known as Universal life force. This is the life energy. As long as life energy is high and flows freely, the person remains healthy. The moment life energy is low, you are likely to fall ill. “Ki” is also the life energy of our spiritual and emotional life.

We has been practicing Reiki Healing in Delhi, NCR (Gurgaon and Noida) and other places for the last 5 years with lot of success. For those persons who can not get Reiki Healing physically because of being at far of places because of any reason, We can arrange distance Reiki Healing for such persons where the person will get the distant healing wherever he or she is and this is also a very effective method of healing. For distant Reiki healing, the person’s photograph, Name and place is required.

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