Lenormand Card Reading

Lenormand Readings are my favorite method of cartomancy.   These cards started out in the late 1700’s as parlor game called The Game of Hope designed by an entertainment company in Germany.   They are named after a famous fortuneteller at that time, Marie Anne Lenormand aka Mlle. Lenormand.   Unlike Tarot there are 36 cards instead of 78.  The cards are smaller in size than a normal deck of playing cards.  The symbols on the cards range from a Rider (a picture of a man on a horse), the Clover, a Ship, a Coffin, the Gentleman who would be assigned for a male sitter or the Lady for a female sitter, ending up with a Cross as the 36th card.   A small playing card, is imprinted in a corner, and assigned to each Lenormand card.  The cards are read much differently than Tarot.  They are not read intuitively.  The cards are spread out in what’s called The Grand Tableau that tells the story of the sitters past present and future.  These cards give a very accurate and detailed reading.

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