Angel Reading & Healing

Angel card readings offer one way to access this divine healing and wisdom in your life. Are you listening to the angels? They are here to help you. There is great potential for spiritual healing and wholeness when working with the angels. All angel readings can be done for anyone, no matter their spiritual beliefs.

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Each reading is blessed and charged with white light to give it power and accuracy. Pure white light surrounds all readings emailed to you. Personal, Professional, and Sacred. We conduct all angel readings in a sacred space. Your angel reading can explore:

• Relationships
• Life Choices
• Karmic Challenges
• Soul Mate and Twin Flame Connections
• Life Purpose and Destiny
• Attracting Abundance
• Healing Guidance

Each angel card in my angel card readings is hand-chosen from my own blessed angel card deck. Once the reading is complete, We then transfer it to a file that can be sent electronically by email to you.

If you have a specific concern, issue, person, or situation you have questions about, ask the Angel’s for their guidance. Our Guardian Angels are always there when we call for them. Be open to receiving what the Angels want you to know.

Get in touch with us for more in-depth analysis of your situation.