We are an India based professional tarot reader, spiritual healer and a life coach.

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We have been practicing astrological counseling for the past thirteen years. During our counseling experiences, research, mentoring and conversations with clients is when we realized that astrology is purely energy. Astrology & healing is the map of the soul and shows everything about our personality, emotions, relationships, impulses and especially our health.

By understanding the basic energy of our client’s we can utilize one of the deepest and most profound tools available. Many energy workers use crystals, minerals, stones and pendulums. A vast variety of tools are used when healing others; whether we are reiki practitioners, pranic healers, physical therapists or chiropractors.

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We provide you with most reasonable & high quality stones & jewel shipped at your doorstep

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We take pride in sharing that our accuracy levels in predictions is rated very high, and the simple almost Zero Cost remedied we suggest have been found very effective by our client

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Unlike most of the other sites and tarot card readers we invest alot in research & its practical application for the benefit of our clientelle


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